We the FACE Campus

is to train and equip students from an early age for all major competitive examinations held in India, including the Civil Service Examinations. FACE offers an exclusively designed five-year residential program wherein the initial two years the students are spent in the campus located at Kodiyathur- Mukkam in Calicut district of Kerala.
The second half will be in a premier institute such as central universities wherein the students will be under the supervision and guidance of FACE Campus. With premium hostel facilities set up for girls and boys exclusively, FACE is currently operating successfully under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced mentors in a perfectly Islamic atmosphere.

This Statistics showing the representation of Keralites in Civil Service as per the result of CSE 2021.

Only 4%?

Keralites marking their presence in every part of the world. But in the case of the Indian bureaucracy it's only 4%. Why?

FACE Campus is trying to find out solutions for this issue. Here students are preparing for different competitive examinations at their early age.